Create Your Life and Business Vision For A Work-Life Balance

life and business

Let me ask you this question first: Which one is more important? Life or Business?

Of course the answer would be life right? Well, that’s so obvious because business is just a part of life. But do you run your business or your business runs you and your life? Most people will set business goals but they forget to set their life goals and they get stuck in their business 24/7 and forget to live their life. They might too busy dealing with stress.

To be both successful and fulfil, you need to design your life first before you design your business. Ask yourself this question: “What kind of life do I want to live?”, “How do I want to live my life?” Once you have the answers, now set your business around your life.

life and businessLet’s say you are a family person and your family is everything, but your business takes so much time away from your family. Even if your business is successful, but you are still not 100% happy, because your family is the source of your happiness.

Over the last while, I’ve asked 3 foundational questions for your life and business success.

  1. The first question was, “Do you know who you are?”
  2. The second question was, “Do you love who you are?”
  3. The third question is, “Do you live the way you are?”

These questions help you develop self-awareness. Self-awareness is essentially the foundation of personal development. Without it, you won’t be successful or happy.

But what does knowing who you are have to do with creating the life and business you want?

Well, let’s think of a map.

When you use a map to find your way in a mall or in a community, the first thing you need to know is where you are. You know – those “you are here” maps with the big, red arrows? You can’t get where you want to go until you know this foundational piece of the puzzle.

Well . . .

I suppose you could get where you want to go. You could travel around in various different directions until you happen to stumble upon your destination.

Not very efficient though!

It’s much easier if you start out knowing where you are. Then you can clearly see your destination in relation to where you are and you can plan your route.

The same idea applies to your life and business “map.”

The first thing your map needs to tell you is where you are. But in this case, where you are isn’t where you are physically in space. It’s who you are.

Here are some important questions to find out who you really are:

  • What are your beliefs and values?
  • What is your personality?
  • What do you love doing and what are your passions?
  • What are the specific talents and skills do you have?
  • What are your gifts?
  • What is your learning style?
  • What drives you and what motivates you?
  • What makes you happy?

self awareness quotesWith a foundation of self-awareness, you can get where you want to go in life and not just happen to stumble upon your destination! Knowing who you are lets you create a clear vision. And it lets you create a vision that’s your own, not someone else’s.

So, have you created the life and the business that you want? If you have . . . congratulations!

If you haven’t, here are a few more questions to help you move toward your dream and into living all of who you are:

      • What do you really, really want?
      • What is the vision for your life?
      • What is the vision for your business?
      • How do you integrate them so they work together?
      • What’s holding you back from success?
      • What would bring you closer to what you want?
      • What’s one thing that you can do this week to get started?

Work – Life Balance

First of all, what does “balance” mean to you? What does it look like for you and your family?

For some people, balance means that you focus on each important area of your life and business without neglecting any. And you do this all the time . . . or at least most of the time.

For others, balance means something more like harmony. The different areas of life and business flow in and out, with some areas being focused on more at certain times, and other areas being focused on more at other times.

It doesn’t matter how you define it.

What matters is that you find a “balance” that works for you and your family and then maintain it.

So, however it looks for you, do you have balance in each of the main areas of your life?

      • personal growth and spirituality
      • relationships
      • free time
      • career/business
      • physical health
      • finances
      • giving back and contribution
      • physical environment/surroundings

It’s essential for optimal health and optimal life.


Think of your life as a wheel. You’re in the center. Like the spokes of a wheel, you have different aspects, or areas, to your life (e.g. career, recreation, relationships). When these different areas of your life are balanced, the spokes are of equal length (or they balance out over time). Your wheel runs smoothly, around and around. When these different areas of your life are unbalanced, the spokes are of unequal length. Your wheel bumps along unevenly, putting extra wear and tear on some parts of the wheel, and none on other parts.

So,What kind of “wheel” are you?

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