7 Tips For Effective Time Management

time management

Living in a modern world, besides learning how to manage your daily stress, you also need to learn how to manege your time effectively.  I’m known as the queen of successful time management in my mastermind group. I’m constantly asked how I’m able to get insanely huge amounts of stuff done in short periods of time.
So, I thought I’d share my top 7 tips with you today.

time managementIt can be tough sometimes. As online home business women, there’s so much to distract us online, not to mention all the stuff we have to do in life in general! Just online there are newsletters that we’ve subscribed to coming at us in our inbox, courses being promoted, other emails we have to deal with, Twitter and Facebook posts we feel we need to read, chats that scream in our faces, games that tempt us to play on Facebook and lots of learning opportunities we could pursue.

It all seems great and useful and necessary . . . well, except for the games 🙂 . It’s like we’d be missing out if we didn’t pay attention to all the offers, all the tweets, all the posts and all the info.

But think about it like this. What if you had a traditional job, let’s say in an office? What if you had a job description with certain tasks to do in a day so that you could complete a project or meet certain company goals or commitments? What if, instead, you stopped to talk with co-workers every time they passed by in the hall outside your office? What if you kept looking at stuff out your window? What if you decided to get into a game of Monopoly during your break that you just couldn’t stop . . . so you kept playing for a couple hours? What if you spent half a day reading up on how to do the thing you had to do? You’d never get your work done.

Now, my example sounds kinda silly. And ridiculous, even. But why is it any less ridiculous when it comes to our online home businesses? What’s interesting is that you wouldn’t call it “work” if you did all that stuff at the office. Actually, if you did it too often, you’d probably get fired. Yet, we somehow think that doing all those things is part of our online business.
Is it, really? Well check this out:

And if you think some of it is part of what you need to do in order to build relationships with people, for example, then how can you better structure it for greater productivity?

Here’s what I suggest for successful time management:

  • Get clear on where you’re going. If you don’t have a clear plan, it’s easy to get sidetracked because you’re not really sure where you’re going.
    Decide what you need in terms of resources to get it done (e.g. the courses, newsletters, info). Stick with 3-5 information sources that will really help you move forward in your business. Say no to the rest.
  • Set clear goals to get you where you’re going. Write them down and write them as SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, with some risk, and with a time frame).
  • Set a strategy for social media. Know what you’re doing on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites so you stay on track and don’t waste time.
  • Take steps that will help you get it done (e.g. turn chat off, cancel games, remove the fluff stuff from your streams or feeds so you only read what’s necessary or just decide not to read it all).
  • Plan your stuff for the day the night before. Plan 3 things and do them first.
  • Stick to those 3 things until they’re done.
  • And then go and reward yourself with a break . . . and hang out chatting and playing games on social media 🙂 .

Those are my 7 tips for successful time management. What tips do you have to share?